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What are you worth?

How do we measure our worth?

How do we place value on ourselves?

It’s been recognised often that how we perceive our worth is often based on how others view us, how others make us feel. How others respond to us.

I for one know I’ve been guilty of this, I’ve spent time giving greats parts of my worth away, hoping for some further sense of worth within myself.Doing, giving to feel something; love, acceptance, approval?

But how wrong have I been, how much upset and confusion have I caused myself. Placing my sense of value on someone’s scale of worth. I have given away powerful energy to some people who really didn’t deserve it. Who for whatever reason didn’t realise how lucky they were to receive such a gift, such an opportunity to be given a chance to return a gift to someone. To someone who valued them as a person, but they didnt value the greatness enough to return the gift with the same worth attached.

I see now too that if we expect others to see our worth to agree with our value, we need to value ourselves first. We should appreciate our uniqueness, our power, our energy. Value what we stand for, stand in our authenticity and be true.

True to ourselves and true to others. We reflect our value to others in how we value ourselves. What we give out we get back.

So now I see that I’m worth so much more then I’ve ever accounted for, that I value all my parts. All my strengths and weaknesses as they are me. They are what gives me my sense of value. What I see in myself is what I will give out to others, and those that see my true value won’t need me to give any of it away to prove it, as they too will value themselves and I won’t need to take from them to see my worth.


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