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How writing has become part of what I do and who I have become…..

The mindful act of writing….

Sitting here in this cafe on Lark Lane, Liverpool I realised I had all I needed right now, I lack for nothing to keep me in a place of inner peace and joy, a pen and a pad of paper (and a large Americano) next to me. The simple act of sitting here gives me so much pleasure.

Hiding away from others, the world, the expectations in this little space that is right now just for me, my pen and my notebook. Allowing nothing else to be of importance, other then what I allow to come out through the ink touching the paper.

I’m aware of what is going on around me, the noise, the smells the conversations. But I’m not inviting them into this sacred space. They aren’t guests at this tea party, no seat has been set for them. I’m allowing my conscious awareness only on what is coming up for me without effort, force and without judgement on to the paper.

What is often written doesn’t make sense or takes me down no specific narrative, it’s just  allowing me be in the power of the moment. No judgement of mind, no forced words that I think should be said or written. Just letter after letter, moment after moment flowing.

The practice of giving myself the space to do this ritual has given me so much over the years. It’s allowed words to be spoken without anyone hearing them, given myself permission to be me and acknowledge my truth. Even if I don’t share it all, it’s given me strength to begin to realise what is important and to release what isn’t.

I’d encourage everyone to try, to begin to cultivate a daily practice of being with yourself, a pen and and a pad. Even if at first it’s only for two sentences, or to set a timer for 10 minutes and write continuously until the clock stops. Give space for your imagination and your intuition to expand, for your inner thoughts and words to be expressed on to paper. Give them form.

Mindfully giving yourself the time also shows you that you care, it’s an act of self love, to self honour. It’s saying “I really see that you are busy, and you need a space to stop and rest”. You are showing yourself that you matter, that you are worth time everyday to just “be”.

This will begin to dis-confirm the belief of “I have no time to…………”.

Picking the pen up can be the first act of liberation from the mind.

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