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As well as 1 to 1 sessions I have been delivering funded programmes with groups of young people and adults. These programmes are designed to support identified groups who haven't the access to mainstream support. 

The 6 week programmes are designed to support:


   a) Staff, teachers and support staff that have been under immense pressure and will be under more when they have to yet again return to the classroom/face to face work.


    b) Parents, taking on the role of teacher, being a full time entertainer and also often working full time has not been unnoticed as being a totally overwhelming task.


    c) Children/Young People, stuck at home, not seeing peers, isolation and worries for the future as only the tip of the iceberg that they are trying to process.


Programmes can be created for identified cohorts/groups/learning needs.



An example of a programme is set out opposite.



I also collaborate with other practitioners such as sound therapists, yoga teachers and somatic movement practitioners.


Week 1

How nervous system works, the effect of stress, stored emotions in our bodies.

Grounding and Breathing. Mind/Body connection.

Introducing simple EFT

Week 2

Identifying blocks, Thought, Feeling, Behaviour loop. Group tapping, developing the technique. Focus on self compassion.

Week 3

Beliefs, how they are formed and how the drive our day to day life.

Group tapping. Focus on Self Responsibility.

Week 4

Recognising our triggeres, how to regulate the emotional response. Group tapping. Focus on self acceptance.

Week 5

Individual session to give opportunity to focus on specific issue, learn how to develop own practice further.

Week 6

Future work, working on what we want to bring into our lives as we move forward.



Groups are offered to 6 individuals at a time for 1hr a week (might run over slightly but not much, always so much to fill in).


Journaling prompts and exercises are offered as suggestions for in between sessions, this is because I believe that writing gives our minds a space for processing and intergration of what we have learnt or brings up new cognitive shifts from the work that we hadn’t realised had occured.


Workbooks are sent out to support the whole programme.


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