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It’s a challenge to be a parent, regardless if you're a family with two adults and a couple of children or a single parent with one child. Everyone brings something to the dynamics of what is created within the family. We all have our own unique spirit, our own direction our life is to take. 


When you bring a child into the world you want the very best for them, you want to instill good values and behaviours in them. But it poses a challenge when the child’s own spirit and developing personality has different ideas.  


To be able to offer the above to your children you have to be present with them, be with them on a level that encompasses every part of them. This process isn’t easy and takes a big change in focus, from looking at what is wrong with how they behave/speak to looking at what is this telling me about their current understanding of themselves, me and the world around them. 


The process starts with acceptance, the acceptance of you as a parent (that you won’t always get it right or know what you should do) and the acceptance of your child as they are. The energetic, deviant bundle of joy, the anxious yet curious little girl that sees the world through eyes of intrigue about what she sees in her world. 


One of the key points of EFT is the statement of acceptance, “ So even though I have this problem, I completely and deeply love and accept myself” Allowing yourself to be comfortable with uncomfortable experiences and showing your children that you can manage the uncomfortable feelings and act in positive ways shows them too that they don’t always need to get it right, or know what to do. That it’s ok to be scared that it’s ok to show emotions.


Julianne has seen that when a parent spends time with their own feelings, understanding their subconscious programming and changing it, there can also be a difference in the child’s behaviour and own emotional wellbeing.


"Families that Tap together are happy together". Learning how to tap and using it on a daily basis can support you all to live in an environment that is creating conscious parents and courageous children.

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