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The subconscious holds all our memories and programming since childhood, but we are generally not aware of them until we can bring them into our conscious mind. Tapping enables us to do this by allowing us to access pathways to our subconscious that bypass the conscious/logical part of our thinking.


When you’re experiencing a negative emotional state your brain goes on alert. It prepares your body to enter a fight-or-flight response, a response that is hardwired into our makeup to survive. Today the fight-or-flight response is rarely activated by a physical threat. Most of our fight-or-flight responses today are triggered internally.


For many of us, the internally generated stress response is triggered by a negative memory or thought that has its roots in past trauma or conditioned learning from childhood.But the stress response in the body takes the same form whatever the trigger. 

Tapping on the appropriate meridian points helps to deactivate the brain’s alarm and sends a calming response to the body, and the amygdala recognises that it is safe.


When we are then in the calmer, safer place despite having a focus on a negative experience or feeling we can begin to change the way we perceive or give meaning to these emotions, the past events and the beliefs we hold. We begin to be able to see alternative, more positive ways of being with the emotions that had left us frozen in a state of fear, leaving our body in a state of stress. 


Once you experience how quick and easy it is to change old, destructive thought patterns, you will see your life start to change before your eyes. Tapping is an effective and powerful way to remove the intensity of emotions around a memory, it won’t erase memories or cause more distress it will help you release the energy stuck in that place so you can move forward with ease and a more constructive view and belief of what the memory meant. 

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