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Scientific research has clearly demonstrated that before the age of 6 our brains are in a hypnotic state and have no memories or beliefs, that what we experience through our senses is downloaded and laid down as the foundations of our programmes that we will come to use to navigate the world.


With every experience your subconscious mind soaks in information like a sponge. It rejects nothing while we are young because it doesn’t have any pre-existing beliefs to contradict what it perceived. It simply accepts that all of the information it receives is true.


You can see why this becomes a problem later in life. Every time someone called you stupid, worthless, slow, lazy, or worse, your subconscious mind just stored the information away for reference. Then  we use those beliefs to perceive who we are and what we can achieve, do or be as we grow up, limiting our potentials and contributing to our sense of who we are.


We use our beliefs to respond and make understandings of what we are experiencing from moment to moment throughout the day, this happens without much thought most of the time. We couldn’t think about every decision we made, we just wouldn’t have the time. So we trust that we have the correct information stored to keep us safe. This is fine until parts of our subconscious is triggered inappropriately to a situation and we respond in unhelpful ways.


For children and young people it’s challenging to navigate the world with their limited knowledge and experience so they are purely trusting their programming; the programming they have received through modeling of parents/caregivers behaviours, teaching from schools and the repetition and play from friends and media. 


This can be a scary and confusing place to be for them, they will use behaviours that may not be positive but get a response and the more this is done the stronger the belief in this is ok becomes. They begin to act in ways that they perceive is necessary for them to be to fit the labels they are given. 

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